Beach Diet Follow Up Plan. Dont add too much too quick!

The first pic here is a family pic at the beach.  Man I have a beautiful family!!  The second pic is just a little something i threw together for dinner one nite this weekend.  I decided I wanted some “fresh” locally grown eggs so I put 3 in the skillet.  Then I noticed some fresh tomatoes laying on the counter that  LeAnne and the boys had picked from our garden that day.  So i decieded to cut some up and put in the eggs to make an omelet.  I took the pic and after I took the pic I decided I also wanted some turkey in it too.  So the final product was a fresh egg, tomatoe, and turkey omelet and it was delicious and nutritious!  Just another easy meal for you.

I hope that all this talk the last few weeks about Nutrition and the Beach Diet has stimulated you to make some positive changes in your diet.  And remember, the main thing is that you do something positive, even if it is only 1 or 2 things.  To make 1 or 2 small changes consistently can add up to make a huge impact in your health over time. 

I told you I would give you some simple “follow up” plans for after the Beach Diet, so here they are.  And they are sweet n simple. 

Add grains n potatoes back in but keep them limited / low quantity.  I would keep them at 1-2 serv. daily max.

Add dairy back in.  Max 1-2 serv daily. – i always recommend “organic” “whole” dairy = milk, yogurt, keifer.  Milk of course is best if local organic, raw.

Add fruit back in 2+ serv daily – We cut those back to 1 serv daily just to cut way back on all sugars.  Fruit is awesome for you, so eat away

*Remember to still watch your “sugar” intake.  For me I am not so much concerned about the sugar I get from whole fruits, but the added sugar from other sources

*If you followed the Beach Diet very closely then you will need to be very careful about adding too much back in too quick.  Adding the “correct” grains and the right dairy and fruit can be healthy, but adding too much too quick can cause you to gain weight.  So add things back in slowly.  Remember that just because we cut some things out does not mean they are necessarily “bad” for you.  That was just part of the ” short term” process necessary for quick results.

Whatever you do learn from all this information and apply some of it into your own daily nutritrion.  remember that the main issue with Food / Nutrition / Diet is not what you eat or how much you eat.  The main issue is WHO IS IN CONTROL?


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