U focuse on the “there” or the “journey”









This first pic is of the “flying David Ben”.  The other is Joshua Paul after his very First HOLE N ONE!!  This pic of JP got me to thinking.  I realized that when LeAnne first sent me these pics I had to think back to remember that he actually did get a Hole n ONe.  I remember we made it a big deal at the time, but I was kind of rushing the whole putt putt adventure, like i do some times with the boys and family.  The boys were doing great, but they were being “boys.”  Running when we told them not to and carrying on.  And I guess i was trying to not hold other people up.  ANyway, this pic made me realize that I was in too big of a hurry and didnt truly enjoy the putt putt event wiht the boys to the fullest. 

So the lesson for me to take away for the day is to slow down more.  I know you and I hear this all the time, but I know for me I am going to make an effort to slow down and enjoy moments like these more.  And that is the way it is with all our life.  We are supposed to enjoy the journey.  The journey is truly the fun part, and if we dont enjoy the journey, then when we get “there”, we will realize we missed out on all the fun.  So enjoy the journey this weekend.  And remember this relates in the area of your health also.  If you are currently working on improving your health, then make sure you dont get so caught up in only the “getting there” part, but also enjoy the journey.  No matter where that “there” is, once you get there, there is just another “there’ to get to.  So There you have it!


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