Star Wars- opportunity presenting itself

Me and the boys one morning at the beach.  I know it had to be the morning because the boys still had their pajamas on.  They both love their “character” pajamas.  I believe JP has his “star wars” pjs on.  This reminded me of watching Star Wars last night.  I like all the Star Wars movies, and anytime I can catch them on tv i usually will watch. 

Anyway to give you the brief of why I am talking about Star Wars: ONe of the jedi was in a tight situation where he needed something positive to happen so he could accomplish his goal.  He tried one option and it failed.  In a conversation he said: “Well I am sure another opportunity will present itself.”  And of course another opportunity did come and he acted on it.  Now the opportunity was not easy and took a great deal of faith, but he still acted and it payed off big big time.  Also, he did not just sit down and do nothing, he was ACTIVELY searching for that opportunity.

This is life.  Many people sit around waiting for the “right time” and “right thing” to just show up.  Well, the “right opportunity” will show up for all of us, but usually it is when we are ACTIVELY pursuing the goal.  ANd many times when the opportunity does present itself, it may not seem easy or exactly what we are looking for so we dismiss it.

People that succeed in life are those that are ACTIVE.  Opportunity does present itself to each of us, and especially when we are ACTIVE at pursuing our goals in health and life.  ANd the truly successful people are those who take that opportunity and make it happen, even though they may not quite understand or “see” how it is going to work.  They step out on Faith, seize the opportunity, and make progress. 

Now all progress is only by the Power of Christ inside us.  He has empowered us and made everything available for us to prosper in our lives.  It is up to you and me to BELIEVE THIS AND RECIEVE (TAKE) IT!



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