July 4th- Great day- It is your life, you do have a say!

Here is our July 4th family pic from yesterday.  We rode the golf cart to the parade, all of us, even Lucy. 

Man did we ever have a big time yesterday: Parade; Playing on the lake, tubing, and boat riding; Good Eats, especially Nana’s home made icecream; and the Fireworks at night.  It was a big day and we were all very tired by the end of it.  I expect you had a great one too. 

Remember that life is supposed to be fun and very much worth living.  But one thing I have found out is that you have to make it that way.  You have to believe that in your heart, think that way and speak that way, then you act it out also.  It does all come down to choice.  Life is very tuff sometimes and it does just flat out suck sometimes, but as you know what I say about that:  SO WHAT!  Life is great and that is the way God intended it.  We have a say in the matter though.  We have to choose to literally Make it that way for ourselves.  And the great thing too is that we can help to make it that way for others also.  No we can not ultimately decide what they do with the positive help and encouragement we give them, but we can give it.  All this to say it literally is YOUR HEALTH YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE.  You do have a say in the matter of your life.  You can not control every circumstance that comes your way but you can control the way you handle it and how you respond.


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