2 Important keys for Success: Faith; Faith

Here is my lunch for today: Ham and cheese roll with teaspoon mayo n mustard, 2 whole slice “Fresh” Tomatoes.  My good buddy DT brought these tomoatoes to me this morning fresh from his garden and man they were delicious.  And of course Nutritious! 

I had the opportunity to speak at our church yesterday!  What a blessing that was for me.  I spoke on health and some of the most important issues pertaining to health improvement.  The 2 most important issues I believe are: 1. You have to believe that it is God’s desire for you to be in “good” health; 2. You have to have “faith”, complete confidence” that you can win in the area of health.  If you dont have these 2 settled in your heart, then you can do all the hard work with Nutrition and Exercise that you want to, but sooner or later you are very likely to fail. 

If you dont have complete confidence that it is God’s Will for you to be in “great health” then when sickness and poor health come, you may think it is God’s will for you to be sick and He may be trying to teach you something.  Also you could possibly just think that God really does not care if you are health or sick.  Well either way you cant have CONFIDENCE in your heart, FAITH, to set out to accomplish great health.  At least I dont believe so.  You need FAITH in life, and you need FAITH to be able to take and keep control of your health.  Knowing that God wants you to be in great health, and has designed it so, is the start to having Faith that you can and will.

And Remember that if you dont have “Faith” that you CAN accomplish your health goals, then most likely any work you do towards meeting these goals is done in a heart mode of “Trying.”  And TRYING will set you up for failure.  When you, or I, try something, we automatically give ourselves an “Out.”  We basically are telling ourselves “well, I will try this to see if “IT” works.  If it doesnt work at least I tried.”  Well it is not up to the IT, it is up to you and me.  We have to be ones who MAKE it work.  Be ONE today who Makes it work,.  Put all your confidence, FAITH, in HIM who has already given you all the power to overcome in your health and life!!  Yeh Baby!


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