MAKING the Time. MAKING it happen!

Me and DB getting ready for some serious Tubing on the lake.  The boys love to go out on the lake, ride the boat and tube. 

Me and a good buddy of mine just got through working out together.  We worked out together several years ago for a good while and it helped both of us out whole bunch.  We havent done that in a long time so we are starting back.  We have been “talking” about doing it now for a few weeks.  We have actually got together 2-3 times in that few weeks but nothing with any consistency.  And that was my fought.  I was “waiting to find the right time when my schedule would allow for a consistent time etc.”  Well today we just decided to “make a time” and make that time work.  So we set the time and days and now we will both follow through and it will benefit us both greatly. 

I encourage you to do the same.  MAKE THE TIME to Exercise, Spend time with your family, Shop for the Right Nutritious Foods, Spend time with your FATHER, and any other thing you believe will help you in your pursuit of health and life excellence.  If you WAIT for the right time, you will most likely be waiting for a long time.  Anyone in life that succeeds consistently had to MAKE the time to do the Right things, then stick it out.  You know it and i know it, so we just do it! 

And on the part with exercise, you dont have to have someone else to workout with, but of course for most it is a big benefit for accountability and challenge.  But remember, dont base your commitment and effort on anyone else.  You do it, and if someone joins in with you that is just “gravy” on top. 


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