Keep on & at the right Time Rewards come!

This is a “conk” shell i found at Tybee Island this past weekend.  Me and the family met some of my family down there for some fun family time.  I put my keys beside it to give you an idea of how big it actually is.  It is actually bigger than my hand and pretty much “complete” and you would have to see it in person to really appreciate it.  Me and the family all had a great time.

This conk shell is something that I will keep in my office for a while because it will remind me of something very important and critical:  No matter what never ever give up on your dreams in your health and life.  I have been looking and searching for years for a shell this complete and this size.  I really believed that I would find one one day.  So every time I go to the beach I look for them on the beach, in the ocean, in the dunes, and everywhere else I think one may be.  I have found a few over the years but no where near this big.  And yes I know there are some much bigger, but for me this thing is huge and exactly what I have been looking for all these years.  Now this process did get tiresome over the years, especially after not finding one time and time again.  But you know what I literally kept expecting to find one every time i would go to the beach.  I would literally tell myself every year while on the way to the beach: “I am going to find a big adn complete conk shell this year.”  And trust me many times after looking for days while playing with the boys or out walking on the beach alone early in the mornings, I would have thoughts of giving up and “well those things are so rare, it may never happen.”  I wouuld quickly say “NO”, I will find one and I expect it to happen today.  Well there were many days of looking that never produced anything.  But like the Word says: “Dont grow weary in well doing, because “at the right time” you will be rewarded.”  K.J.’s version. 

I didnt give up, I kept expecting and I got the “big thing” I have wanted and expected for years.  I know you may think this is a silly example, but I believe it is a perfect example for our “DREAMS” in life.  Keep expecting, keep looking, keep on keeping on doing the right things and “at the right time” you will be REWARDED!


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  1. Hi, KJ. Cool. Where did your family stay? I’ve never been to Tybee Island. My mom and dad used to stay in a hotel near a lighthouse, but it has been torn down. Keri

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