Focus more on the Blessing Giver

Check out my oh so BEAUTIFUL family!  This is a pic from Tybee Island this past weekend.  As i said yesterday, we had a very good time and the highlight of it for me really was finding that “conk” shell, the one I had been believing for and expecting to find for many years.  And again it wasnt because of the “shell”, it was because of the power of seeing the results of consistent believing. 

You know, God is so good and yes He has Blessed us and given us The Blessing thru Jesus Christ.  ANd yes we should believe this, Recieve this, and act on it.  But you know what is even bigger than that: HIS LOVE FOR US, FOR YOU.  And yes it is because of His Love, a direct effect because of His Love, that we have THe Blessing.  I believe the most important thing to focus on is His Love for me, for you.  One thing I have found, and am still working on doing more consistently is focusing more on just that: HIS LOVE for me.  I know that the more I focus on His Love for me and get “revelation” of His true love for me, the more I am free and at peace.  Also I am able to more fully recieve what He has for me. 

Choose to focus on His love for you.  Unfortunately many of us have a very very distorted view of God and His love.  God’s love is true, unconditional, and thru Jesus Christ, totally non condemning.  It is by His love that we are saved.  It is by His love that we are Blessed.  It is by His love that we can love and care for others.  It is by His love that we can overcome any obstacle in our health and lives.  It is by His love that we get revelation of who He really is to us and in us.  It is all by His love.  Yes I am interested in His blessings He has for me, and yes sometimes I get to focused on “me getting mine” and what “I need to do” to walk in His blessings.  I do believe all of us play a part in walking in the abundant life, but many times at least for me, I think I play too big of a part.  As I choose to focus more on His love and the fullness of it, the more I realize that it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him. 

I encourage you to focus on that one thing: His Love.  Realize He is a good Father and nothing you have done or could do can stop that love.  Yes I believe you can choose to refuse it by consious effort, but you still cant stop Him from loving you.  I believe that as you and me focus in on His Love that we will be amazed at how much more we walk in His promised Blessing that He has given us for our time on this earth.   


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