Think like HIM. Speak like Him.

This is a great pic of my brother pulling the kids on the trailor with the JD 4020 down in Garfield.  I try to get all the kids together when we go down to Garfield to take a ride on the tractors and or trailors through the fields.  It takes time and effort, but it is worth it.  Just like this past weekend at the beach, we had all 5 kids and keeping them going on the beach and in the pool took a whole lot of effort as they are not at the age yet where you can just “let them go.”  So we had to stay very active in helping them to be out in the ocean in the waves and in the pool.  It sure would have been much easier, and relaxing, to just lay around, but the kids would not have gotten to do near as much.  So we had to make a choice to do for them, and it was very well worth it.

Thinking about all this and this picture reminded me of an incident today.  During our GAME SHAPE camp, we have been talking about CHOICES.  We have been pretty much drilling them with the truth that they will be the ones who choose their attitude.  They can not allow others or situations to control and determine their attitude.  And too that they have to choose to THINK on and SPEAK the right things.  I used the example with one youth today that a “genius” can be talked out of walking in and utilizing the fullness of their abilities if someone or something can get them to start thinnking and speaking that they are not smart.  The “genius” ability is inside them no matter what, but if they start to think and speak that they are less than what they truly are, then they will start to believe that in their heart, and that is exactly how they will act and live.  And again the whole time the “genius” is inside of them.  It is so important for youth to grasp this truth, and just as important for us as adults.  Many times we allow ourselves to think less of ourselves than what God already knows about us.  This is really bad stuff and I know all of us deal with it.  Guard your thoughts and your mouth.  make sure you think on and speak only on what you know God says about you in His Word.  To think and speak anything different or less is really calling God a liar.  Line your thoughts and your words up with His words.  Yeh Baby!!


2 responses to “Think like HIM. Speak like Him.”

  1. Love this KJ. You are a true inspiration and I really love what you are doing. Thanks for everything!

  2. KJ,
    Loved this article! Tony has had a great experience this week at camp. He comes out all sweaty and loves it! Thank you so much for a wonderful camp and such a positive one. This is the first physical activity he has done in a long time that he has felt good about and not worried or even thought about being slower because of his leg. Thank you so much for that! We def. want to keep him involved in your program so let me know when you have the next youth program. Thanks!

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