GAME SHAPE REPORT: their best decision ever

This is our group of youth in our Game Shape camp this week.  This is a great bunch of kids and they all worked very hard this week, finishing up STRONG today to end the camp on a STRONG note. 

We had 20 kids in all, ages 5 – 14.  It was a blessing to see these kids here, working hard, paying attention, and growing STRONGER  phsyically, mentally, emotionally, and most importantly Spiritually.  We challenged them with strength, speed, agility, coordination, and conditioning drills.  We also ran them through Obstacle Courses.  This was 3 hours, in the heat, with pretty steady movement.  So it was pretty intense.  They all did great and finished STRONG.  Also, we would fill them with The Word 3 times each day talking about Attitude, Thankfulness, and God’s unconditional Love thru Jesus Christ. 

The most important part of this Report is this:  10 kids RECIEVED JESUS CHRIST INTO THEIR HEARTS AS LORD AND SAVIOR.  This was real and they did as the Word says: Believed in their hearts and confessed with their mouths Jesus Christ.  Man how awesome is that?!!  It is so awesome and we are so blessed to have been part of this.  I know that each one of these kids recieved HIS WORD and we have seen and will continue to see a harvest in each kids life.  God is good and these 10 boys and girls just made the most important and best decision of their lives.  Literally Praise God.  Thank you for being part of our team and for supporting us by continuing to keep in touch with us through


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