How to Easily cut bodyfat with Diet

Here is my delicious and nutritious Lunch for today:  Turkey Roll with tsp mayo, mustard and 1 slice cheese, 2 fresh out of garden tomatoes.  Umm umm good!!  I also had 1/2 cup nut mix with 1/4 cup raw whole milk.   Oh and I forgot to mentioin i did have a small cup of homemade icecream mixed in with the nuts and milk.  Thats not on my list of things you should do often, but it sure was good. 

Again, for better nutrition, better health, and weight / bodyfat loss, it is hard to beat meat and vegetables along with cutting back on the grains.  And this is so easy to do.  Yes for most it takes some getting used to because most people are used to “high” grain diets.  Remember grains in their “true” and “natural” state, and in the right quantities, can be good for you.  But most grains that people consume are highly processed, bleached, enriched, and totally “altered” so they are mostly no good for you.  Many “INFLAMMATION” problems come from eating too much and the wrong type of grains.  And with INFLAMMATION comes disease, weight gain, and poor health.  So do yourself a favor and cut back on the grains (pastas, cereals, breads, rices) and add in some more good ole fresh vegetables (not potatoes). 

And remember this:  For most meals try to “Balance” them out with good sources of protein, fat, and carbs.  This is a great way to get in more nutrients + help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, which is a key for better health, fat loss, and improved energy. 


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