Better Nutrition is not much more effort, just DIFFERENT!

This is my lunch for Saturday.  It is chopped whole avocado and 2 chopped fresh tomatoes, with little sea salt and pepper.  It was very good. 

I am showing this simple lunch for several reasons.  1 reason is to remind you of the ease of adding whole avocado into your diet, and with this you get some very good FATS into your diet.  And of course adding the fresh tomatoes adds to the powerful nutrients you are getting in addition.  Eating better is actually pretty easy.  It may not SEEM easy at first just because it is a CHANGE, but that is mostly mental.  Yes it does take a little more effort to prepare, not because it is necessarily much more work, it is just DIFFERENT.  So dont do as many people do and build this “better nutrition” thing up so much as far as being a “chore.”  Again, yes it takes more effort up front, but again that is mainly only because it is just DIFFERENT.  Once you do it enough, it becomes your NORM!  So just “GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!”


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