EMOTIONS- not a very good driver

Here is David Ben at the Beach doing one of his “dances”.  He likes to dance and shows us his “new dances” all the time. 

This pic made me think about how good it is to be in a good mood, and to be having fun.  One thing I have found out though is that even though it is great to “feel” good and have our emotions high on the positive side, we cant count on or rely on “feeling” good.  If you rely on emotions and or allow your emotions to steer your life, you will be in for a pretty poor life.  And this is exactly what many people do in their health and or life.

We all have been guilty of it, and we all have to choose to get away from relying on our emotions.  Many people are moved by how they “feel”:  Well I dont feel like it; It is not exciting anymore; When is it going to get easy / fun?  And those are the exact thoughts that many people allow to determine their decisions for in health and life.  Just like with any exercise and or nutrition plan.  Most everyone is going to be very positively emotional about it in the beginning.  Within 1 or 2 weeks though, the initial excitement and positive emotions wear off.  Now the real challenge begins. 

Anything that you are consistently successful at in your life, you are not steered by your emotions.  And it is a great possibility that any area of your life that you are not successful at, you are allowing your emotions to steer you.  See emotions are temporary.  They are great, but that can not be allowed to determine our actions.  We have to choose our actions based on what we know is the right thing to do, no matter how we “Feel” about it.  Then once we choose to DO the correct things in order to produce the desired results, then our emotions eventually will line up.  But no matter what our emotions can not be allowed to steer our lives.  Emotions are like a “fringe” benefit.  You control your emotions, you do not allow your emotions to control you. 


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