My CJ project: very Life-Like!

Here is a pic of one of my latest jeep projects.  This has definitely been a “project” going on for much longer than I first anticipated.  Much of it had to do with the fact that I did not make up my mind in the beginning and do what I believed was the correct thing to do.  I listened to other people and what they thought I should do.  I am not blaming them, it was all my fought.  Also, and here is a big key, I am not in condemnation about this at all.  It is over and done and I have learned from it, and now I am moving on. 

I wanted to use this as a lesson for all of us.  When you start out on a “project” realize that it may take longer than you want and think it should.  We have to basically decide up front the path we are going to take.  Yes it is good sometimes to get “professional” advice if it is needed.  And most importantly it is the best to get HIS advice on the subject.  Sometimes He will lead you to a certain person of program, etc that will give you the direction needed.  Either way, you have to establish your plan and GO!!!  Dont keep asking people.  And dont second guess yourself.  Take your plan and GO!  Along the way, yes of course you may make some adjustments.  But if you keep changing your mind, and or look for others’ advice, you are going to spin your wheels, and end up going nowhere in a hurry. 

And no matter what you have to decide up front that you are going to stay committed and FINISH no matter how long it takes.  This is crucial for success in health and life.  Now GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!



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