Condemnation: The root of the problem?

Here is a great pic that I have posted before, but one well worth showing you again.  This is from probably 2 years ago.  Me and my buddy camping and right there hanging is a super cool “old” coleman lantern that one of my good buddies rebuilt and gave to me!

Remember this: Condemnation kills!!!  Condemnation may just be the root cause behind all fear.  Some say it is.  Whether it is or not the root behind all fear i dont know, but what I do know is that it is the root behind many fears.  And know that FEAR is the root behind stress.  ANd stress is the cause for adverse hormonal reactions in the body.  ANd adverse hormonal reactions in the body are one of the major causes of poor health.  So if you read back through this you will basically end up back at Condemnation. 

Condemnation is basically feeling guilty about something you have done and or not done.  This guilt is what leads to fear, stress, adverse hormonal reactions, then poor health.  How do you get rid of Condemnation?  Well if Jesus is your Lord then He already got rid of it for you!!!  All you have to do is recieve it as yours and walk in it. 

Get rid of condemnation in your life.  Jesus Christ has already done it for you, so all you have to do to get rid of it is believe it in your heart, take it as yours, and confess it with your mouth everytime those condemning thoughts come to you.  It is very simple, and not always easy.  But when all said and done it is your choice.  It is your life, so you choose to not live in condemnation.  Yeh Baby!


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