What to focus on: My love or HIS Love

I have a room upstairs here at God-Built called our prayer room.  I will go in there and read the Word, pray, and study on Him.  Joshua Paul and David Ben love to go up there when they are here and play.  They set it up as their house, or “bank”, or store.  So on the days after they have been here, I usually dont know what I am going to go into when I go up to the Prayer Room. 

This pic is the note JP left me from this weekend, and I found it this morning on my desk in the Prayer Room.  Talking about something “special”, this was special.  He leaves me notes like this from time to time and man does it warm a daddy’s heart.

Talking about dad’s, I have been thinking lately a lot about “how much God my Father loves me.”  You know many times we focus, or at least I know I do, on how much we love him.  And that’s all good, but I am coming to see that my focus needs to be more on how much He loves me.  As I have focused on this more over the last several weeks, I have gotten more revelation on His Love, His Blessing that I have through Jesus Christ.

One of my clients was just talking to me this morning about John, “the disciple who Jesus loved”, and how he saw himself and his focus towards Christ made a world of difference.  See even though yes it is good to confess and think on the fact that we love him, our main focus should be on how much He loves us.  That’s where the power is.  For me I know as I try to concentrate on how much I love him, all with good intentions, I start putting more focus on self and what I can do or should do.  When I put the focus on how much He loves me, it brings freedom, and EMPOWERMENT.  I hope this means something to you, because for me it is huge. 

God your Father is awesome.  He is really Good all the time.  And yes I know you love HIM, but most importantly He loves you.  As you choose to focus more just on the truth that HE loves you just the way you are, you can not earn any more credit with him no matter how many “good” things you do, and you cant lose any credit no matter how many “bad” things you do, then you get Empowered.  Because of His love thru Jesus Christ, His love for you personally, you literally WIN in this life and the life to come!!


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  1. KJ – I heard Beth Moore say not too long ago that God had spoken into her spirit that (at least for some period of time) everytime she thought “I love you Lord”, he wanted her to say (outloud) instead, “I love you, too., I love you, too.” Because if she was thinking that she loved him, it was because, he loved her first. Love that.

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