NEW NUTRITION INFO. How to walk it out, everyday!

We went to the UWG football game last saturday and here is a pic of the boys from outside the new stadium.  They had a big time, and were really into it a lot more than I thought they would be. 

I wanted to remind you that i have not fogotten about the new “Supplement Guide” i have for you.  I still have not been able to get it added as an article on the site.  I know it is a simple thing, yet I am still “learning” how to do this tech stuff.  Anyway I believe it can be a big help for you so I will work on getting it up. 

Also I told you some time back that we were working on improving and adding to our Nutritional Program: More articles, More access, and possibly a whole new revamped program that we will offer online and onsite.  So be looking for that.  The plan is to have it ready before the first of the year.  So get excited about it.

Remember this: With Nutrition it is truly not at all about having the “right” or latest and greatest program.  It is first and foremost about you making a decision inside yourself that you are no longer going to let food control you.  You decide that from here forward you are going to control food.  Food must not be your master.  And also it is not about following a bunch of laws, do’s and dont’s.  This lasts only temporarily for most.  You can use “guidelines” but be careful about getting into a “Law” mindset, as most do with diets.  Setting yourself some needed guidelines up front is important, but make sure you LIVE in the heart and mindset of FREEDOM: “I can eat anything I want to, but I choose to eat those things that bring life to my body, and I refuse to allow food to control me.  Food is not my master.  I am led by the Holy Spirit.  I will not get into condemnation.  I control my body and my food choices.  Thru Jesus Christ I have abundant health inside and all about me, and I see health improvements as I go.  I live in the abundant health from the BLESSING of God.”


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