Buying local, grass fed Beef: 1 lady understands

I had 2 great helpers on Saturday.  I was doing a project in the garage and both boys decided they were going to help.  So they went and got there hats and their tools.  Such good boys!!

One of my clients was telling me this morning about purchasing and eating some LOCALLY GROWN, GRASS FED, BEEF recently.  They were braggin on how great it tasted.  I asked how much it cost and it was more expensive than the normal “beef” at the grocery store, but not much.  They said that the grower told them a story about a local woman who is on a very low budget, with kids.   She buys beef from him, and is willing to “fit” it into her budget.  She said that she has no health insurance and cant afford big doctor bills, so she is willing to pay a little more upfront in order to offset future health problems for her kids.  WOW!!! Now that is a story for us all to take a lesson from.  We all know it and I know you probably get tired of hearing me say it but here it is again: YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE SOMEWHERE IN LIFE WITH YOUR HEALTH (and every other area of life).  THE PRICE IS ALMOST ALWAYS LESS IF YOU WILL GO AHEAD AND PAY IT UPFRONT. 

There you have it.  Take a lesson from this lady who has a great excuse to not buy the slightly more expensive, but much healthier food.  She does not use the Excuse, she makes a way, understanding the value of it!!


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