NUTRITION: A Key! You already know!

Here is our little brown haired girl hanging out at God-Built with daddy.  She sure is a good girl and she loves going with me.

NUTRITION IS A KEY.  I know we talk about this a lot and you probably realize this to an extent.  Now see that I didnt say that Nutrition was “the” key.  I just said it was “a” key.  It is not the most important part of a health program, but at the same time it is a very important part that cant be left out. 

All you really need to do to start off is “Do what you already know you need to do.”  Yes there may be many things you need to learn with proper Nutrition, but there is absolutely no reason to wait until you learn or know everything.  ANd guess what, there is always going to be “more” that you can do.  So stop worrying about knowing everything and or having the “perfect plan” or “timing.”  Now is the perfect TIME.  Just start doing now those 2 or 3 simple things that you know you can do and should do.  Dont worry about the rest.  As you CHOOSE to take the few simple steps in the right direction, things will start changing for the good and you will learn more and desire to do more.  And even if you never “do more”, as long as you are doing the few basic things, you are headed in the right direction and setting yourself up for SUCCESS.  Get on it dog’on it!!!


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