God-Built: What we are really about

This is a picture I just took inside one of our rooms here at God-Built.  This is our Vision clearly imprinted on the wall.  This is why we started and the vision behind God-Built.  We believe that this is truly and 100% from God and His purpose for what we do here at God-Built.

Yes, we are about helping people to learn what is the best and most effecient exercise and the right way to perform that exercise.  Yes we are about teaching people how to improve their daily eating habits.  Yes we are about providing this knowledge and the facilities for people to use to administer their workouts.  Most importantly though, we are about “teaching people who they are In Christ”, and the power they have thru Him to overcome in their health and lives. 

We believe that thru Him, the free GIFT from God, we have already been provided with health and life “success” inside of us.  It is already there, we just have to BELIEVE IT and RECIEVE (TAKE) IT.  Great health and awesome life is not something we have to build for ourselves.  We recieve it freely from HIM.  Yes we have our part to play and that is mostly the “believing” and “recieving”, but again we dont have to “make it happen” by ourselves.  We just are responsible to Believe His Word and Take it as ours. 

God is for you.  He has great plans for you, plans for prosperity.  Yes you have and will face challenges, but so what.  Thru Jesus Christ, you have already overcome.  You have to SEE yourself as having overcome, and walking in that Victory.  THat is the main reason God gave you IMAGINATION.  So you would use it to Imagine, Visualize His Goodness and Promises in your life.  As you Visualize, you draw a picture of that reality.  As you See it, then it becomes more real to you.  As you See it, then you start to think it and speak it.  As you continually do these, the whole time you are drawing closer and closer to seeing it all manifest in your life.  It is there the whole time, inside of you. 

Nothing can seperate you from God’s love as long as you accept it.  Nothing can seperate you from His best for you as long as you believe it in your heart, take it as yours, and continually think on His goodness and speak His goodness.  Great Health and Awesome Life are inside of you and it is His best for you to See it, then see it in your life.


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