2 Good Food Choices for you and kids

Here are 2 foods that my boys love.  Clif Bars and Organic Whole Yogurt.  Actually this picture is of a new Clif Bar i found called “Crunch.”  It is more like your regular “granola” bar.  Clif is a very good product I believe.  They offer a good tasting snack bar at a very reasonable price, especially considering they have high quality ingredients.  I believe the Crunch bars were 10/box at $4.  so that’s only 40 cents per bar which is very good.  clif also offers many others: Regular clif, Mojo, Builder, Crunch.  All of these have several different flavors also.  Yes some of them are pretty high in sugar, but at least it is a better form of sugar than most others.  And yes I know many “experts” say “sugar is sugar” but I am not convinced about that.  Bottom line is that I recommend clif Bar as a resource for you and for your kids as a good snack bar or even a meal replacement from time to time.  ANd you know that I recommend “balancing” your meals by finding sources that offer good quality carbs, protein, and fat.  The Mojo bar is probably the best bet for that.  Anyone they are all pretty good quality, affordable, and easy for you and your kids.

Now to the Yogurt.  Yogurt needs to be WHOLE.  The “fat” in the whole yogurt is not going to make you “fat.”  The other stuff they put in the “low fat” and “no fat” yogurt is more likely to make you fat.  My recommendations for all dairy is to buy ORGANIC.  And there are usually good resources for “locally grown” dairy in most areas.  We use Raw milk most of the time from a local source. 

So there are 2 more great options for you to use in your improving Nutrition.


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