When my Dad went home, what I faced

Joshua Paul turned 7 last Sunday.  This was his Birthday Pancake mommy made for him Sunday morning.  Not sure if you can tell from the pic but he has some candles in the pancake.  Great stuff there.  Oh and yeh, I just noticed there’s Lucy in the background.  She is always near when there is food around!

NEVER QUIT!  This saying sticks out to me so much.  I am big believer that this is the exact mindset you should always have.  I still remember when my Dad passed away.  He went from fine one day to in the hospital in critical condition the next.  He was in a comma and it was extremely bleak as far as living.  They never knew what was really going on, and still dont.  I never stopped praying, expecting, and believing he would get up off that hospital bed.  I NEVER QUIT in this situation.  You may have heard me talk about this before, but even when they came out and told us he was “gone”, I still didnt quit.  I just said NO!!  I was not going to accept that.  I believe in the full Healing power of God thru Jesus Christ.  I believe in miracles.  I believe that people have been and still can be brought back to life by the power in us thru Christ.  I fully expected to see my Dad come back to life.  I called for it, and I meant it was going to happen.  Well it didnt.  …………..  So what did I do?  What do I do?  I NEVER QUIT!  I know that you could say that this was proof of the opposite of what I believe.  I say NO WAY.  Now I dont fully understand why I didnt see what I expected, but that is ok.  That to me does in no way change the TRUTH of what I believe.  Dont get me wrong.  This situation was hard for me to deal with, but even then I just decided up front that I was not going to let it cause me to GO BACKWARDS.  I faced challenges, especially for a couple of months after.  I went thru a pretty intense mind battle.  ANd I know of course it was the enemy trying to get me to back down from what I believe, and even in the middle of this battle of dealing with fear, sadness, etc., I decided that no matter what I felt like I was not going to back down. 

See we all experience failures in life.  I dont believe we have to in order to grow or go forward, but we do sometimes.  And when we do we can learn from it.  If you are not careful though, these failures can cause you to change what you believe because of what you are Seeing.  You have to remember that your true beliefs have to be based on a solid unmovable foundation.  For me the only foundation that provides this is God’s Word.  Once you have your foundational belief/s, then you decide what it is that you want to SEE in your life.  Now here is where the NEVER QUIT comes in to play.  You have to decide UPFRONT that you will never quit expecting and believing that TRUTH that you have in your heart / Spirit.  And this will involve you continually believing and STANDING even though you dont SEE what you expect to see.  ANd sometimes you dont SEE those things for a while.  So no matter what NEVER QUIT.  

I challenge you to set that in your heart now: TO NEVER QUIT!!  Never Quit expecting God’s best in your life.  Never Quit expecting to see better health and better life as God promises.  Yes you will face challenges, but that really means nothing to those who truly have chosen to NEVER QUIT!!


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  1. KJ,

    Thanks for the don’t quit. I have had some struggles with my broken ankle – feeling down and attacked – but I stand in faith for complete healing. As that famous saying goes “I’ll be back” I know this is going to be a great testimony to God’s faithfulness.

    • youre very welcome. We all need to be reminded of that: Dont quit!! And yes you are Healed and you are recovering fast and completely. Thru Christ Jesus you already have done it, you already won. kj

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