Kids, Exercise, Brain Power, Academic Scores – all related

You may have seen this picture before of me and the boys.  This is from probably 3 years ago.  We were out in the yard practicing soccer. 

I put this picture up because I want to talk about fitness for children and the impact it has on their “smarts”, or brain power.  Much research over the years has supported that their is a link between physical exercise and brain power.  To me it is literally a “no brainer”, but maybe its just me.  Even with all the research and proof, the schools still have consistently taken away recess and P.E. time from the kids.  I know it is because they are desperately trying to reach the requirements for academics, but taking away time for exercise is one of the worst things they could do towards academics, not to mention the kids’ health. 

I think we all know how much better we feel after we exercise, and how expending energy with exercise actually helps our bodies to produce more energy.  I am always amazed at how “low energy” I can feel and then go exercise hard for 5, 10, or more minutes and come out with way more energy than I went in with.  I think clearer and can focus longer.  Again, like I said it is a no brainer, and with the kids they have years and numbers of studies to back it up.

Remember this is important info for you if you have kids but also this whole “exercise for improving brain power” works for you just as well.  Go to the link below for more specific info on this subject and for a very recent study with amazing results and proof for kids and exercise.


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