2 Habits for life: No Condemnation; Renew Your Mind

As you can tell, all the younguns had a blast on this huge blow up slide / obstacle course last saturday.  This is the one I got the “carpet burns” on when me and LeAnne went thru it.  It was much fun though. 

I had the great opportunity to speak to a group today in Bowdon.  My main focus was “Living a Better Life.”  One thing that is probably unanimous is that we all want a “better life.”  Even if you have the greatest life ever, there is nothing wrong with wanting more of the “good life” that Christ paid a huge price for.  I have an absolutely great life, and still I can take some more of that good stuff that God has given freely.  So that was our main topic. 

There are many things that can be covered that will help to lead to better life, but I just covered 2: NO CONDEMNATION; YOU RENEW YOUR MIND.  These are 2 of the biggest issues we all face, and if we dont get these right we will not walk out God’s best in our health and lives.  The first one, No Condemnation, is of upmost importance.  In Romans we are explicitly told that: there is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION to those who are In Christ…. .  Christ was condemned for you and me so now we have BEEN MADE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of God IN Christ Jesus.  We no longer have to walk in any condemnation.  God does not and will not condemn you.  He Condemned Christ, so that you dont have to be, and Christ willingly accepted that for you.  Yes you can condemn yourself, but it is absolutely not of God.  So the first thing you have to do is to absolutely and completely stay out of condemnation.  It is not of God and it only pushes you away from the Truth of God and His best for you.  SO STAY OUT OF IT!!  It does not matter what you do, dont allow condemnation to come in.  You couldnt do anything to earn God’s goodness and Love, and you cant do anything to lose it once you have it.  So once it is yours thru accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of your life, then it is UP TO YOU to not allow condemnation to come in.  And remember this is not supposed to bring bondage because it is up to you, but absolutely it brings freedom to know you have the power to keep it out!

Next we have RENEW YOUR MIND.  Oh my I know you have heard me talk about this many many times, so please dont discount the importance of this.  ANd it is not important because I talk about it, but only because it is the Word of God.  Here this out please: GOD IS NOT GOING TO CONTROL YOUR MIND.  HE GAVE YOU THE POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY THRU CHRIST TO CONTROL YOUR MIND.  AND HE GAVE YOU THE TOOL NEEDED TO DO SO.  IT IS THE WORD OF GOD.  The Word of God has to be your foundation for what you believe about yourself and actually Who you Are.  You can not base your life, your decisions, your actions off of feelings emotions, circumstances, and of what others say of believe.  This is very shaky and destined to fall ground.  You choose to base your life and your faith on The Word and who it says you Are and what you have.  Again though, realize that God does not do this for you.  He has gracously and wonderfully set you up for success by providing you THE TRUTH, and the ability to RENEW YOUR MIND. 

Stay out of Condemnation and choose to Renew your mind.  Do these 2 simple things consistently and start improving your health and life today. 


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