Power of Your Words! Yes hear it again!!

I saw this picture this morning of the boys n lucy at the mountain and it made me think about my weekend. 

This past weekend we had our Zoe Bootcamp over at the mountain.  This is a camp we do for young men ages 15-19, teaching them to live the “Zoe” life: Life as God has it and the life He intends for us to live here on earth.  We had a great time and God was right in the middle leading the whole thing. 

One of the topics we focus on is the Power of Your Words.  We all have heard it and we all need to hear it over and over: There is literally Life and Death in the power of our tongue.  Your words will literally produce life or death in your life, in every area of your life.  Your words are either helping you to produce the results you want in life or they are hindering and Stopping you from producing the results you want in life. 

We all need to refocus on this truth and intentionally use our Words to steer our lives the direction we want it to go.  I encourage you today to literally take time to watch your words and to realize what you are “saying.”  Ask God to show you what you have been saying and teach you the right things to say.  Remember if you are being aggressive with your actions towards health and or life improvement, but you are being “passive” with your words, then you are literally “shooting yourself in the foot” and hindering or all together stopping the desired results.


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