How are your hair and mind connected?

My buddies and the 4020 John Deere:  Great Stuff! 

Me and the family went down to Garfield this weekend and of course had a blast.  Most of the Johnson family was there so it was something special and fast paced.  Having everyone there is pretty tough to get together, but when it does happen it is good!

I was reminded today, as I am every day, of the power that we have inside of us thru Christ to control our actions.  No matter what we feel like and no matter what the circumstances look like we have the choice, and the power, to stay positive, do our best, and expect His best.  ONe of the main tools God gave us to be able to control our actions is our MIND.  Our Mind is a powerful resource that we have, and God intended for us to use it for the good.  He totally intended for us to control our mind #1 by renewing our mind with His Word.  ANd in turn using our “renewed mind” to control our bodies and our actions, steering ourselves in the right direction.  And all this can be done no matter what the circumstances look like and no matter what we feel like.

One thing I have found out for sure is that if you dont control your mind it will control you.  And you wont like it!  The results will not be good.  It is a constant battle to “renew the mind”.  Like I heard a minister say one time: Your mind stays renewed about as long as your hair stays combed.  It is a daily thing that we must do in order to take control of our health and lives.  No one else is going to do it for you or me, and it will not just happen by luck!  I think another thing to realize in this is that this is not supposed to bring bondage, but freedom.  Some may initially think “oh man something else I have to worry about: Renewing my mind!”  No!  that is not it.  It is not a burden, but a privilege and a reward.  Yes I believe it is a responsibility, but not bondage.  When we take responsibility, it empowers us.  We have been empowered already thru Christ.  ANd it is up to us to use it.  His Love is awesome and He has given us everything we will ever need to prosper in our health and our lives.  It is already done, we just have to literally believe it and recieve it, walking it out everyday in our lives.


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