Food. Sin has Strength. What is it?!

My boys looking intently, checking out the braves baseball and stadium.  They had such a great time at this game back in the summer and we were truly blessed to be able to go.  Thanks DK!!

I had the great opportunity to speak at church this past weekend.  Anytime I get to speak at church, or any event, I count it a great blessing and an opportunity to allow God to speak through me.  The 2 things that I was led by Him to speak on: HIS Love for me (us); Grace vs. Law.  The more I focus on these 2 subjects the more I get “freed up.”  And the more I focus on these the more I realize how much “law” I still have in me. 

One of the things you have heard us here at God-Built talk about is the fact that when it comes to nutrition, or exercise, if you “have to” do it then it is like law and that law brings bondage, which in turn eventually will cause you to run from it.  Just like with food, the more you focus on “not doing something” the more you want it, at least sometimes.  The Bible makes it clear in 1 Corinthians that sin has strength, but guess where that strength comes from: The law!!  It is the law that gives sin its strength.  So think of it this way.  Once you set yourself a bunch of laws for Eating, then it is actually those “laws” that can give more strength to your wrong desires eating the wrong foods and or too much.  Yes I believe you need to have some type of guidelines when it comes to food and you need to be informed as far as which foods are the healthiest for you, but you have to be careful about this “law” thing.  Most diets are just that: LAW.  Dont misunderstand though, many times that law can be the right information, but if you allow yourself to be put under that law and tell yourself you “have to” do it, then that law gives sin, or your desire to do those things you believe you should not do, its strength. 

So what do you do?  Do you just throw your hands up and say “the heck with it!”?  Well, NO!!  We recommend you set some guidelines to follow.  And you have to be the one who decides how many and how intense.  Then you make sure that you dont let those guidelines become law to you.  You literally have to have the mindset like Paul did: All things are lawful for me (i can eat anything I want to) but not all things will benefit me, and I will not allow any thing (food) to control me.  See Paul new who he was In Christ.  He knew that he was no longer under the law and now was under grace (Romans 6:14-18).  He understood that he literally could do anything he wanted to, and at the same time he knew that with this freedom came not just responsibility, but POWER.  He was EMPOWERED by Christ, by Grace, to overcome anything.  ANd this was a Power He never knew all the days that he lived under the law before He encountered Christ and His redeeming Power.  And so again, you “renew” your mind by realizing that you are not under any law now.  You will not allow law to be set in your life, but Grace.  ANd it is His Grace that empowers you and COMPELS you to do good things, to take control of your health and life, to do those things you believe in your heart that you should, in every area of your life.

Man this is so powerful.  And yes we have talked about this many times before, but not nearly enough.  Again, the more I study this and the more I focus on it the more Power I see in my life.  The more you focus on “not doing” those things you believe you should not do, usually the more you end up doing them.  This is because you put yourself under law when you focus on “not doing” the wrong things, and or “having” to do the right things.  GET OUT OF LAW!!!  Oh man I could go on and on.  And yes I will continue to talk about this more and more over the course of time.  I cant hear it enough and need to hear it everyday to remind myself.  You remind yourself.  It is a process, and it does take time, but it does work.  It is His revelation that we need and I believe ARE getting on this subject.  His Words are literally LIFE and HEALTH to our bodies.


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