I was troubled in my spirit by tragedy

My beautiful family!  Man they are some good looking folks if i do say so myself!  I am blessed blessed blessed!

I truly am so blessed to have such a great n beautiful family.  I thank God everyday that He loves me so much, yes for my family, but most that He was willing to give up His only Son, Jesus, so that I could have His Abundant life here on this earth and forever in heaven.  He is so good. 

Yes I do believe it is important to talk about and figure out how to live in great health and prosperity here on this earth.  But in order to really walk in this improved health and life prosperity we first have to understand His goodness:  Just how much He loves us and what all He did for us.  The more we focus on Him and His Love and His Grace, the more we understand who we actually are and what we have.  The more we realize that our power lies in relying on Him.  Yes we have power thru Jesus, and we have to know this power and use it, but it first of all is by and thru His Love for us.  So our focus first and foremost and always should be on His Love for us and His Grace. 

For some reason I cant get away from this so I am going to just go ahead and talk about it since it is so on my heart, and since we are talking about His love and His Goodness.  Many of you may have heard about the local kid that got killed this weekend up on the square here in Carrollton.  I was up on the square for a reunion when this happened.  Once we heard that the kid didnt make it of course everyone was shaken by it.  It was tragic to say the least.  I cant imagine what the parents and siblings are going through.  This thing shook me up pretty bad.  I left the reunion party and just went and sat in my truck for about 3 hours.  Heck I am still troubled in my spirit about this whole thing.  And again, I know that I know nothing of what the family is going through.  

In all this I still know one thing: God is good and He wants His best for us.  We live in a world where bad things happen.  I believe that these things happen many times directly because we have an enemy in this world that Jesus said “comes for nothing but to steal, to kill, and destroy”, and then sometimes it just happens and maybe is only because we live in this world.  Of course in times like these it causes most to wonder: why do bad things like this happen?.  And especially to young kids.  The one thing I do know is that God does not cause bad things to happen.  He is not that author!!  He makes that clear in His Word.  Yes He can make some good things come out of this, but He didnt do it so that He could make good things happen.  God is plenty powerful enough, and wise enough, and most of all good enough, to be able to make great things happen without having to cause tragedy, especially to little kids.  Anyway, I just needed to talk about it, because again this really shook me up in my spirit. 

I really dont have a good way to end here but I will.  I will end this by just saying: Know that God is good and that He wants His best for you; He says specifically that the enemy is the one comes for nothing but to steal, kill, and destroy, but He, Jesus, came to give life and life more abundantly; Pray God’s blessings, His perfect Will, in all this for that family and ask Him to turn what the devil meant for harm into something good.


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  1. That is just powerful! Alot of people need to hear that cause sometimes we forget that he is not the Author of bad things. If people truly read his word its all about being positive and staying focused in his word and love and compassion. I enjoyed reading this.

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