Live for the Moment like the little ones!!

Here are the boys all dressed up ready for trick or treating last night.  They were so excited about it all day and they had a big time last night.  We loaded them up in the trailor with some straw and had a good ole hay ride around the neighbor hood along with the trick treating.

Looking at this pic reminded me of just how excited they were yesterday.  You know the boys, just like most other kids I assume, live excited.  Now of course they have their moments, but they do live excited.  They get excited and we love to do things with and for them to get excited about.  They truly “live for the moment” to a large extent.  And this is the way we should live.  For the most part they dont get bogged down in worrying about tomorrow.  They live for the day and truly look to get the most out of each day.  I understand that as adults we have more responsibility, but I know at least for me I am many times so focused into the future I dont enjoy the NOW. 

I am encouraging myself right now to live more like the boys, and I encourage you to do the same.  Enjoy the NOW.  Of course we need to plan for tomorrow and the future, and use Wisdom, but lets not let that take away from the right here and NOW!!

This is just one simple yet powerful way to correctly handle and get rid of stress and enjoy the awesome life HE gave us.  ANd remember it is Stress that literally can kill you physically.  So get on it dog’on it!!


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