If you start a health plan, DON’T do this!

Yesterday you got to see Joshua Paul and Lucy in the dog show so now you get to see David Ben and Lucy in the dog show.  They entered into the “best dressed” but didnt place.  To us though they “won” too!

Health is just like every other area of life: It is not about “not messing” up or “being perfect” but about continuing to KEEP GOING and NEVER GIVE UP!!  One of the worst things you can do in health, and any other area of life, if to focus on “not messing up.”  What you focus on the most is usually what you will end up doing.  I am reminded of this a lot as people start Nutrition and or Exercise programs and do great for a while.  Then they “mess up” and miss a few workouts and or eat poorly for a day or two and then think that they have totally blown it.  This is a lie, and with that lie comes condemnation. 

 The thing that many miss in this situation is that they are not focusing on what they should be focusing on: the fact that they have done great things and in most cases the great things, or positive actions, they have made far far outweigh the 1 or 2 small mistakes they made.  I encourage you to not focus on “not messing up.”  Now in this make sure you dont go over to the other extreme and start “planning to mess up.”  Never ever plan to mess up, and at the same time realize that if you do, it is ok.  Really it is.  So many great efforts by so many people have been spoiled over the years particularly in health because people have got into condemnation over a small mess up.  So remember this: PLAN TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE; KNOW THAT GOD HAS ALREADY EMPOWERED YOU TO DO SO AND GIVING YOU ALL THE TOOLS TO DO IT; PLAN TO EXCEL WITH YOUR ACTIONS; DONT WORRY ABOUT MESSING UP; CHOOSE TO STAY OUT OF CONDEMNATION; IF YOU DO MESS UP, JUST GET RIGHT BACK TO IT; NEVER EVER GIVE UP.


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