Better than 5 hour energy drink!!

I was sitting at my desk about 30 minutes ago dozing off.  I was fighting it actually for about 30 minutes, trying desperately to stay awake.  I had literally no energy.  I knew I needed to get my workout in pretty quick or i would most likely not get one in today.  I didnt have enough energy to sit at my desk with my eyes open much less WORKOUT!!  So what did i do?  I remembered the old saying: ENERGY BREEDS ENERGY!  So I got my butt up and got to moving.  By the time I walked into the workout area here at God-Built and did a few movement stretches I was pretty geared up.  Then I did a very quick and fast paced workout that took me all of about 4.5 minutes.  After the workout I was breathing very heavy, but I was ENERGIZED!!

Get moving today.  Even if you work at a job where you may cant just get up and go exercise at any given time, you still can get up and get some movement for a few minutes in the form of stretching, walking, etc.  Do something and you will get energized.  Remember if you want some energy, GET MOVING!!


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