ENERGY DRINK Reviews. r they good, bad?

This is a very cool pic, at least I think.  We had a fire and camp out for the boys last weekend.  You can barely see one of the boys in the back ground behind the fire, and you can see the “lit” up screen of LeAnne’s kindle fire and part of her head.  You may not think so, but I just think this is a cool pic.  Knowing that all the family was in somewhere around the fire is just cool to me.  ANyway, good stuff there as we had a great time “camping” that night.

If you read yesterdays post about the thing that “was bestter than a 5 hour energy drink” then I believe you should have been encouraged to know that you dont have to wait for energy to come, you make it come!!!  And on that note I wanted to add my opinion on “ENERGY DRINKS”. 

If you keep up with then you probably already know that I dont recommend any product with artificial sweeteners.  I believe that it is maybe “ok” to have them sparingly, but definitely not consistently.  Most of the drinks based on my observation have 2 major flaws: 1. loaded with sugar; 2. “sugar free” ones loaded with artificial sweeteners.  I very very rarely drink any of these and if i do i choose one sweetened with plain ole “sugar”, no artificial sweeteners.  Now one of the most famous energy drinks is 5 HOUR ENERGY.  I do like these.  But listen now, I absolutely DO NOT recommend you take these more than probably 1/ week or less.  The main reason is the are loaded with artificial sweeteners and too high in caffeine.  I will take one every now and then, especially if I am going on a long trip for driving purposes.  And I do like the actual 5 hour energy brand as it really seems to help to focus.  At the same time please notice that I DO NOT recommend anyone taking this or any like it on a regular basis.

I use an energy drink called ACT.  It has no “synthetic” caffeine and uses STEVIA as a sweetener.  Even with these I will “fast” from them for several days or a week+ every 2-3 months.  Energy drinks can be ok if you get the truly more “natural” ones but be careful with them.  They usually become addictive, mainly due to the caffeine and or other stimulants, and your body asks for more and more.  WE DO NOT LET ANYTHING CONTROL US, INCLUDING ENERGY DRINKS!!!  The only thing that controls us is THE WORD OF GOD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT LIVES INSIDE US!!


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