Old Equipment. Garden. Hope.!!

One of my favorite pics!  This pic you may have seen before.  This is our Ford 3000 with the set of old Burch planters that we still use to lay off rows in the garden down in Garfield.  This is a great picture and one of my cousins took it and sent it to me some time back because she knows how much the farm and our old equipment means to me.  Great stuff!

Seeing this pic and looking out at the garden reminds me of one very important health and life principle:  THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANTING “GOOD” SEEDS.  No matter what area of life it is, Planting Good Seed is vital if you want a Good Harvest in that area of your life.  The Bible teaches us that their is “seed time and harvest”, and the whole Kingdom is set up on this principle.  So dont forget to plant, and keep planting, good seed into every area of your life.  Here are some ways of planting good seeds: Speaking the right things; Thinking the right things; And Doing the Right things.  All these are important and needed for a Good Harvest to come your way. 

Another important principle is EXPECTATION.  Never ever plant Good Seed into any area of your life and then “hope” that you mite get some good results.  You have to have the Bible kind of Hope.  To us the word “hope” means “maybe.”  The word in the Bible translated as Hope actually means “confident expectation.”  There is a world of difference between the 2.  So make sure you have the Bible kind of Hope: CONFIDENT EXPECTATION that your good seed will produce good results in your health and life.  YEH BABY!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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