Less of You = Better Health for You

I took the boys to a farm yesterday that has several chicken houses.  They have been before and love to go see and “hold’ the chickens.  ANd of course the asked continually: “Daddy can we please bring one home?”  I am sure in a house of literally thousands of chickens 2 wouldnt matter a whole lot, but I told them that Lucy would probably kill them pretty quick since she would want to “play’ with them.  They did have a big time and of course as you can see from the pic they loved holding them!!  Great stuff.

This morning I had the opportunity to go help a local company start cooking 85 turkeys for Thanksgiving.  They were cooking then giving cooked turkeys with all the Thanksgiving fixins to needy families in the area.  It was great to be invited to be part of and to see this company along with other volunteers getting so involved. 

So this just reminds me again that we all need to be so very extremely THANKFUL for how blessed we are and also focus on GIVING during this whole Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Yes I encourage you to choose to Exercise and stay in control of your Nutrition during this time, but more imporantly I do encourage you to do the above mentioned: BE THANKFUL, BE A GIVER.  THese are powerful for others and for you.  Remember that God tells us that “whatever we do for others, He will do for us.”  Also we know that as we choose to Be Thankful and choose to think of others and find ways to GIVE, we focus less on ourselves and our “troubles.”  And as we do this it is awful hard to be depressed and or stressed.  Of course then less “negative” emotions and thoughts leads to much better physiological actions in the body.  ANd this leads to better health.  So you see it is very important for yourself and for others for you to BE THANKFUL AND A GIVER!!


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