Deer Hunting: Health and Life lesson

Man oh man what a great Thanksgiving Holiday we had.  We had a very big day Thanksgiving Day with lots of food and family.  And it was a very relaxing and awesome holiday weekend.  I got to do some hunting on saturday.  The pic is from the deer stand i was in that evening.  I had a great view.  I am not much of a deer hunter but I do enjoy going a few times a year for 2 reasons: I love being in the woods; I love having deer meat to eat. 

You may not be much for hunting, but I have a great “life” story for you from my hunt.  It was probably only about 20 minutes of light left that evening and I had to cough.  If you know anything about deer hunting you know you have to be very still, and very quiet.  And of course coughing in any manner does not fit in this equation.  Well a “cough” came up on me and I was fighting it with all i had.  My eyes were watering I was fighting so hard to stop it.  Anyway, it happened: I COUGHED.  And I coughed about 3 times in a row.  Well this is bad news for a hunter.  Deer have excellent sight and hearing.  My mind was telling me that “it was over now” and “i might as well go ahead and get down and leave” since any deer anywhere within any reasonable distance would be scared off.  I knew that in the “natural” there was not much hope of me seeing a deer now.  But i decided I was going to stay.  I had been thanking God for my deer already, and I just continued to thank God for good success even though I made a major boo boo. 

So here I am 5-10 minutes later and guess what comes walking my way?  And I mean right towards me.  A deer!!  Long story short I was able to get the deer and had very good success.  And now I will have some delicious and nutritious meat in my freezer!!  See I did my best in my own ability.  And even though I did my best, with that coughing fit, I messed up.  But God!!  I stayed and kept expecting, and I was rewarded for it.  Now this was not my only time hunting this season.  I had been hunting 3-4 times before this and did not get a deer.  But see, I stayed persistent and kept EXPECTING to see good success in getting a deer.  I did my part, and even though I messed up, God still helped me to WIN!!  Even though in the natural it looked like I should give up and or at least only “hope to get lucky”, I kept expecting.  And I was Rewarded. 

Now I know you could say that happens all the time: hunters see and get deer even though they are doing all the ‘wrong” things as far as good hunting practices.  I believe it had nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with Faith.  I am blessed and you are blessed.  Our Father loves us so much and has already blessed us with His blessings In Christ: health, wealth, peace, joy, protection.  And it is up to us to only Believe and Recieve The Blessing as ours, in full and Constant Faith, knowing He loves us and deeply wants us to walk out His Best in our lives.


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  1. KJ,

    I’ve had hunting on my mind a lot lately. I’m not a hunter but I’ve thought about becoming one lately. I really enjoyed this post because, like you, I too have faith that God provides for us, and if I ever get around to deer hunting,I too will know that if I see a deer, God purposely put it there in my path.

    • I really do enjoy it when I go, but again, i am not a big hunter. My main thing is I dont like staying still for a long time, and even though the woods and the scenery are beautiful, I am usually getting pretty antsy after about 1 hour. So anyway, I do enjoy it to and do thank God for good success. kj

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