Words. Thankfulness. Say it again!!

I sent you a pic earlier this week of JP reading and now here is one of David Ben reading before bedtime.  He is just now getting more interested in “reading” books and letting someone read to him.  It’s so funny how kids are different.  Joshua Paul loved to have you read to him from a very early age, and David Ben was not into it much at all until now.  I love my boys and am so blessed to have 2 awesome Warriors for The Kingdom!!

I had the opportunity to help out with the youth at church last night.  The main 2 issues we talked with them about were: Using your words to steer your life in the right direction; Being Thankful no matter what and not being led by your emotions.  These 2 topics bare repeating over and over to youth and to us adults. 

See, just like Kendra explained to the youth last night, your life and your body is just like a ship out in the water.  It is going to go somewhere and if you dont choose to be the one directing and choosing the path, then you will let other things or forces choose your path.  You have to choose to use your words to point your “ship” in the right direction.  Those Words (what God says about you) give you propelling power to push you forward and keep you “steered” in the right direction.  Your words are powerful, and you must choose to use them in order to steer your life and your body in the right direction. 

Also, you know it, but again it bares repeating: You cant be led by your emotions and or circumstances.  You have to be led by His Word, what He says about you and what you have In Christ.  Otherwise it is going to be a roller coaster ride in your life, and that aint good.  One vital way to not be led by your emotions is first of all to use your mouth, again, to speak what He says about you.  And in using your mouth, speak Thanksgiving.  Be Thankful.  And like you have heard many many times, being Thankful will make it very hard to be discouraged, sad, etc.  It simply gets the focus off of you and your problems and puts your focus on HIM and HIS Goodness and LOVE.

ANd using these 2 simple things will give you the power to lead your life and your body in the right direction!!



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