2 Simple Tips for this “Season”

This is a pretty funny pic.  The main reason it is so funny is that David Ben didnt know he had this visor on upside down!!  Me and LeAnne both got our cameras out and were hurrying and laughing trying to get a quick pic.  David Ben asked why we were laughing and we told him.  So then of course he wanted to see his pic and laughed at himself!! Great stuff.

I was reminding our clients this morning of 2 very important things for ending this year: 1. Dont just “give up” on Good Nutrition because of it being Christmas and Holiday season.  Yes you can have all your get togethers and parties and still eat all the “good stuff” that you normally would not eat.  At the same time you can still KEEP CONTROL.  Do this: Dont go hungry.  Have a small snack like small fruit and or small handful nuts with some water.  THen eat whatever you want at the party, just keep the QUANTITIES LOW!  Once you get your first “small quantity” plate, mingle around for some time before you go back for seconds.  You usually wont eat as much this way.

2. Keep up your exercise.  I dont necessarily like the saying many have “I exercise so I can eat what I want.”  But exercising definitely helps to offset some of the less nutritious eating that you may do this season.

There, 2 very simple and powerful tips for keeping yourself under control and not letting yourself just “fall off” during this season.  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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