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Most people automatically think of changing their “habits” when they thinking about changing their lives.  That is important, to change your habits, but it is not where you start.  I have seen many people, including myself, who have started off just “doing” a bunch of new positive things, and then sooner or later they end right back doing the same “old things” or habits.  Many times this is simply an issue of not starting off with a strong foundation.  See just starting a bunch of new “actions” is not the key.  One of the most important things always is to first CHANGE YOUR WORDS!! 

If you want to change your health and your life then here is your process to follow, and it works:  Change your Words and you will wind up changing your thoughts.  You change your thoughts and you change your emotions.  Change your emotions and you eventually change your actions.  Change your actions long enough and you change your habits.  Change your habits and you end up changing your health and life!!

There is your process.  Again, changing your actions and habits is important, but that is not your foundation.  This is HIS process, starting with your words, and it works!!


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