BOOTCAMP ANYONE?! Here’s your chance

Oh so simple and yet so Nutritious!!  This is two of my favorites, combined to make for a very good, easy, and nutritous LUNCH!!  Turkey roll with little mayo, mustard, cheese., plus some good ole GREENS!!  Turnip greens that is.  Greens are oh so powerful as far as nutrients go.  I love them, and even if you dont like turnip or collard greens you can get other Greens: Green beans; Broccoli, Kale; Spinach.  Good stuff!

Many people are getting ready for the first of the year as far as Health goes.  Remember like we have discussed several times: DONT WAIT TILL THE FIRST OF THE YEAR TO DO SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.  It is plenty fine to plan to make more commitment at the first of the year, but dont forget to simply keep doing, or start doing, a few basic positive things now.  THat way when the “New Year” comes, you will already have some good momentum going!!

We are working on a couple of New Things here at God-Built for the first of the year.  One of those is the possibility of adding in a new BOOTCAMP series to be held early mornings around 5:15.  Look, this is really nothing new other than the time.  We have been doing “BOOTCAMP” workouts for years now, we just have never called them Bootcamp.  Because of much request over the years we have decided to look at starting this the new year.  This would be a 3 day/ week Bootcamp that we would do each month.  We would start at 5:15 and go to 6:15. 

Please let us know if you would not just be interested in this but if you would be willing to start this at the new year.  We are just trying to get a good feel for how many people actually would commit to this.  For some time now a lot of people have told us they would definitely do it at this early morning time if we offered it.  So now is everyone’s opportunity to speak up!!  Let us know and please PASS ALONG THE INFO TO OTHERS YOU THINK MAY BE INTERESTED!  **this would not take the place of our other regular classes!!


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