More Research on Distance Running: Must Read!!

I thought this was a neat and appropriate picture for you for the Christmas season!!  This is our covered bridge on our property in the mountains.  I love this pic!!

This may be my last post before CHRISTMAS.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I expect you to have a great one and remember HIM, the real and true Reason for the Season, Jesus Christ.

Also, I run up on a great article about long distance running with more research that will let you know the facts about whether it is as good for you as once thought, and what are the best recommendations.  This is good stuff and if you are a runner and or endurance athlete I believe it is very important for you to read.  No, it doesnt say that all distance running is bad, but it does give you some real world info for what is best.  Just check it out:

Again have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and remember to BE THANKFUL, AND BE A GIVER!!!


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