Powerful Weight Loss Testimony after only 21 Days

I think this is from 2 years ago in the snow.  Me, LeAnne, and the boys are planning for a good snow this year so I thought it would be very appropriate to go ahead and get us all in the “snow expecting” mood.   LeAnne has even decorated with “snow” decorations!

You have heard it many times before, and especially from God-Built if you have been with us for any time: Nutrition plays a huge role in health, and the faster you want to see results the more focused and consistent you will have to be with your Nutrition.  Well dont just take my word for it.  Read what one of our new clients has experienced after only a little while in one of our programs:

“I wanted to let you know what God-Built and Kendra have done for me.  I had gotten up to 15 lbs over what I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant.  I am not a very large person, but had started way over eating – so much so that I started having reflux, no energy and was miserable.  I used food as a comfort when stressing, etc.  I have known about God-Built for some time and even called and checked on prices twice before.  This time I felt this was something I should strongly do because you state you will help with the soul, mind and body.  My husband agreed and said give it a try.  Well within the 1st 21 days of working one on one with Kendra I lost 12 lbs and this was even thru the holidays.  I was very impressed that I was given a grocery list and menus to help me lose the weight.  This was so great that my husband immediately jumped on board with me to start eating healthier and making wiser choices.  He has lost over 20 lbs.  God Built has truly changed our lives in so many ways.  We both feel and look so much better!  The reflux was gone within the first week and I am toning up and getting into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for about a year.  It is helping so much that I signed up for another month!  The exercises are challenging and will tone you from head to toe.  I have had so much encouragement and support from Kendra.  She is a special blessing and truly has the gift of helping others get into physical and spiritual shape.  You have an awesome program and it has been the best we have ever experienced and believe me we have tried everything out there.  Thanks for all that you and your staff do!”

Now that is awesome.  I talked with this lady yesterday and of course she was so excited.  Now realize that she has been very consistent with the program and stayed very consistent specifically with the nutrition.  This again is a huge key that makes a huge difference.  Remember that the Faster you want to get somewhere, usually the more intensity you are going to have to put into doing the correct things.  So is it the same with health.  But dont fall into the trap of wrong thinking: “oh but it is always so hard for me”; “I do good for a little while but then something always happens and I just cant keep doing it.”; “Well Ill try it and see if it works.”  All those are very negative statements that are literally setting you up for failure.  Stop making excuses and just do it.  And remember that you must actually “BELIEVE” that you will succeed, you will stick it out and never stop until you get the desired results. 


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