7 Day Nutrition Plan: My personal diet for last 7 Days

Today is my last day of the 7 DAY NUTRITION PLAN (FAST/CLEANSE).  I feel pretty good and am very glad I decided to do and stick it out for the 7 days.  I knew there were some issues I wanted to get control of and start doing much better with my Nutrition.  Sticking with the 7 Day plan helped out so much on that and really is giving me a great “Kick Start” for going forward.  Here is what my Plan looked like for the 7 Days, as I made a few modifications per my desires:

Cut out Totally–  Caffiene, Grains*, Potatoes, Dairy, Sweets, Artificial Sweeteners.  The only grains I had during this 7 days was a Clif Bar each morning with my breakfast Shake.  Also I did have cheese last night with a salad. 

What I did Eat – Lean Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Protein Powder.  I highly recommend for the “Fruits” to severely limit “fruit juice”.  I believe I had 4 oz o.j. in a shake 2-3 times, but other than that no fruit juices.  Fruit Juices are nowhere near as beneficial for you as “WHOLE FRUIT”, so limit them and best to cut them out totally for the 7 days.

Remember if you have not started the 7 DAY NUTRITION Plan yet, then plan to do it.  If you do not plan to do it, let me make a suggestion: DO IT!!  Remember make any modifications you desire, just at least make some kind of Positive Nutritional Commitment for the 7 days, even if it is only 1 THING!!  The main thing about this whole Plan is to get MOMENTUM started for positive Nutritional Changes.  The 7 days is a very short time, and at the same time I believe long enough to build some motivation and momentum for more improvements. 


Godbless u kj

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