My First Day of Eating after the 7 DAY NUTRITION PLAN

My first day off the 7 DAY NUTRITION PLAN / FAST CLEANSE and this is my lunch I had today.  I had the same breakfast I have had the 7 days and I was wondering what I was going to have for lunch since I was officially “off” the Fast/Cleanse.  I chose a salad of the following: Spinach, baked chicken and turkey, pecans, oranges, little bit of raspberry vinegraitte.  It was delicious.  The odd thing is even though I realize who nutritious and delicious a salad can be, I usually am not a “salad” person.  Since I had several salads during this 7 days, I was more inclined and craving one.  This is one of the benefits I have discussed with you about the positive changes you will experience after doing Positive things for 7 days:  You will crave the “better for you” foods.  No this doesnt mean you want crave the “not so good for you” foods, but again yes it does mean your body will usually start craving the better foods. 

So again, I highly encourage you to take part in this 7 Day NUTRITION PLAN on some level.  The main goal for you is for it to help you to make long term positive changes in your nutrition. 

Here is what I am going to be doing from here forward:

Still Restrict Grains to a minimum,  probably max 2-3 servings/day.

Keep Sweets to a minimum.  *I had gotten to where I was eating too much for my norm.

Add more Essential Fats in: Avocadoes, Coconut Oil, Fish & fish oil, nuts, olive oil.

Keep my fresh vegetable and fruit intake up

Keep artificial sweeteners to a bare minimum, and 99% of time NONE

All of this is great for me and can be good for you too.  And one thing that this type of nutrition plan can do for you and me is to help keep INFLAMMATION low in our bodies.   This is a huge thing for improved health and fighting off disease.  As we have discussed before several times, INFLAMMATION is one of the main culprits for disease in the body.  Now yes the wrong foods promotes inflammation, but that is not the only thing.  And we will be discussing that further this month. 

This month our TOPIC is INFLAMMATION.  We will discuss the right foods to help fight this off in our bodies, but also (and I believe mmore important!!) we will discuss other ways that INFLAMMATION is triggered in the body!!  It is going to be good stuff so STAY TUNED!!


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