Only a ‘little” salad dressing will do!

Me and LeAnne went out last nite and ate at a Steak house.  It was very good.  Here is the pic of my plate when I was almost finished.  The thing that got my attention that made me want to send you this pic was the small cup of salad dressing.  This was actually what was left over from my already eaten salad.  I always ask for my salad dressing to be “on the side”, otherwise they will pour the whole cup onto my salad.  Number 1 this is just way too much dressing on a salad, especially as far as too many “bad” calories.  I just wanted to show you how little of dressing it actually requires for you to make your salad more tasty, plus how much extra you are eating if you dont have them put it “on the side”!!

Also, another bonus from me being on the 7 DAY NUTRITION PLAN was that I didnt eat any bread, and did not have my normal “fries” with my steak.  And Yes sometimes I do eat fries, especially if I am eating at a steak house cause they usually have the good ole “home cut” style fries.  And no I dont eat fries very often.  ANyway, I did not want fries (first time in a while I have not wanted fries when ordering a steak), and instead I wanted the vegetables.  Anyway, just some more good benefits and bonuses that are all stemming from sticking thru the 7 DAY NUTRITION PLAN.  So my word to you is GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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