Have you made “Room for Error” in your life!!

Here is another pic from our “creek exploring” adventure this past weekend.  The boys love to look for “treasure” and this is something JP found: a cool branch that was twisted.  He had to bring it home too!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful little boys and they are so blessed by God with His Grace and Favor!!

One of my buddies was discussing this morning about “margins” in our lives.  He was actually recalling something his pastor was teaching on that he read in a good book.  I am not sure of all the specifics, but here is what I got out of it from him:  we have to have “room for error” in our lives.  Now my friend discussed several things but this was the one that really stood out to me. 

Over the years of coaching people (and myself!!) to take control of their health and lives, I have found that most people do not give themselves any “room for error” in their health and life improvement plans.  What I mean by this is they go into their plan on usually high emotions and expect to be flawless.  Now this mindset sometimes is not always something that people are contious of, but it is in their subcontious.  When they start out and do wonderful for a week or 2 weeks or even a month then all of a sudden they experience some “error”.  Many automatically allow this to bring defeat.  They focus on that little bit of error and forget about all the hard and great work they have accomplished.  They literally have given themselves no room for error.  Now dont get me wrong, I never think you should “expect” to mess up, but realize it is never ever about being “flawless.”  If it was we all would be in a heap of trouble. 

Anyone who experiences Success, particularly consistent success, also experiences some small, and maybe even big, failures.  Successful people do not focus on and eventually get to the point to where they dont even care about whether or not they “mess up” or seemingly fail.  That has no bearing on their success.  They give themselves “room for error”.  Again, it is just not an issue with successful people.  Take high level athletes.  Now of course they all want to perform as “flawless” as possible at every competition, and they put years of practice and hard work into it in order to come close to this.  At the same time they do not in anyway focus on “not messing up.”  They focus on doing their best and just flat out performing.  They expect to perform at their highest level, and in any case when they “mess up” they immediately forget about that mistake and go forward, right back on track and expecting to be their best!!  This is the way me and you have to be in any area of life if we want and expect to consistently succeed and meet our desired results. 

Remember, give yourself some “room for error”.  Literally, who cares if you mess up with your “diet” or exericse plan.  Forget it, learn from it if there is anything to learn, but immediately put your focus on the ONE who is inside you and the TRUTH that HE always causes you to Triumph in Christ JESUS.  It is literally YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE

Godbless u kj


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