Find that special place for you and HIM

mntcreekCheck out this beautiful picture!  Wow!  this is the creek running through OUR property on the mountain.  I went there last week to “get away” for a few hours and listen.

No matter where you are at, you can hear God if you are listening, but when you can literally “get away” and “seperate” yourself it can be much easier to hear Him clearly.  This is my favorite “get away” spot to go and Hear God.  Again, I dont have to go here to Hear Him, but I am so blessed to have this place to be able to seperate from everything else for some time and listen to what Daddy has to say. 

I encourage you to find that quiet place so that you can spend some quality time with Him.  And of course spending time alone with God is something that is great to do everyday, and there are those times where you will need to find that special place that you can go and literally block out everything else going on around you.  And trust me, you dont have to have a place in the mountains and or far away.  If you want to find that place that works for you, then He will reveal it to you.  Make time to hear Him and it will pay off big time, if you also choose to obey what He says to do.  Remember in all this He is always trying to get His blessings to you.  HE is a Good Daddy and only wants the best for you, His Child.


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  1. That’s a beautiful location! I’ve been casually trying to find a place, but seeing this photo really makes me long to find a great outdoor location to meet with God. Thanks!

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