Family Dance Party: It all does add up

familydancepartyYeh Baby!! Family Dance Party at the Johnsons’.  The boys love this and mommy does a great job of making sure we have some of these.  Sounds silly but it really is a great family activity to have fun and to build that “family bond”.  We all get involved, even Lucy.  Good stuff, and I highly recommend it for any family.

I have had some web page issues the last few days so sorry it has been several days since my last post.  ANyway, excited to have everything worked out and back “on it dog’on it”!!  And concerning the “Family Dance Party”, this is a great way to also get some good exercise.  Turn the music up loud and just go with it.  See there are many ways to “STAY MOVING”.  And it can include family and much fun.  If you enjoy the “normal” types of exercise like working out at a gym, running, etc, then do it.  But if that is not something you do then find other ways: Family Dance Party, Personal Dance Party (if by yourself), Playing with the kids in the yard, Play with the dog in the yard, Park in the back of the parking lot, always take the stairs, Run to the mailbox, Lunge from one room to the next in the house, etc.  ANd the list could go on and on.  One of the main things to remember about exercise is that it does “all add up.”  God did not necessarily create us to have to go to a gym and do a 20 minute or 1 hour workout.  He made us to be “active” but of course with our culture today we are not “active” during the day, physically speaking.  And that is ok because that is just the way it is.  So we have to deal with it.  Choose to find a way to MOVE and start today.  And remember it all does add up!!


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