SEE it with both pair of eyes!

IMG_6061 Here is a pic from 2 years ago with some good snow and the boys with their SNowman!!  I am still expecting some good snow this year and just wanted you to get to expecting it to.

You know, what you put “in front” of your eyes is veryimportant as far as what you are expecting.  If you are wanting one thing, but constantly “seeing” another, then it will be very hard to ever get to that point where you can “recieve” that thing you desire.  Sometimes you cant control what things come in front of you, but for those things you can control, do something to make sure you keep giving yourself the picture or image of what it is you desire. 

For me, LeAnne, and the boys, we want snow.  So LeAnne has “snow” decorations out in the house and around the house.  We keep putting “snow” things in front of us because that is what we want this year so we can have a big ole time in it.  If you want to be a certain weight / size, then get a picture inside yourself of how you want to look then constantly “see” yourself that way.  You can even put up those size clothes around or hand pictures of how you want to look up.  And the list can go on and on of using this principle.  It is just something about being able to “see” yourself not only with your natural eyes, but also your spiritual eyes.  ANd seeing this picture constantly, the whole time totally EXPECTING to see the results in your health and life.  SEE IT BABY!!


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