Small Adjustments w/ nutrition can = Big Improvements


Here is a great pic from the top of the Applachain State ski mountain we were at this past weekend.  Absolutely beautiful!!


I thought this would be a great topic for today especially since our topic of the month is CLEANSING.  And of course Cleansing with nutrition is a major and actually simple way to make an adjustment with your Nutrition and Health.  Some of the benefits are: Feel Better, Kick start better nutritional habits, Gaining Control !!! over food, Forcing yourself to find easy or simple ways to include healthier foods, etc.  There are many benefits so again I highly recommend A CLEANSE for you and anyone interested in taking control of their health.


CONTROLLING QUANTITY  Yes of course we all need to focus on taking control of the Quality of the food we eat, but also it is important of course to take control of the quantity we consume.  And actually this is a great way to start taking quick action without a lot of changes involved.  Meaning, just start changing your quantity of the foods you do eat, and this of course can make a huge impact over time.

CHANGING YOUR MINDSET  The way you Think and See food is key for success in taking control of your health and life. Food is made to be a natural source for you for energy, healing, and recovery.  It is not a source to meet any other needs such as emotional needs, etc.  Also, if you think and see that making improvements with your nutrition is going to be HARD and or extreme, then it will.  Your perception is your reality, so make sure you dont make it so hard in your head.  Yes it can be tough but dont make it tougher than what it actually is.

And there are others, but these are a few that we have time for today.  Again, if you think you may need to do a Cleanse, then you probably definitely need to.  Its like what they say about water and hydration: If you wait until you think you need to drink water, you are probably already dehydrated.  So get on it dog’on it!! 


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