GOD-BUILT: The company, The Vision. Part I

gbvisionIf you have ever been to our God-Built facility here in Carrollton then you have probably seen our Vision statement posted on one of our walls.  This is a pic of the one in our p.t. room.  This is our foundation of what and why we do what we do: GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD TEACHING PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST THROUGH FITNESS.

I think it is good to remind people and yourself of why and what you do. I know for me it is important to remind myself of this Vision that God gave me for God-Built starting back in 1996.  Sometimes I can get off focus and forget the REAL reason why we do what we do.  All this talk about our foundation / Vision was sparked by my Pastor recently.  During church he gave out a handout with a great summary for the church.  He discussed the history behind our church, some of his history, why the church got started, the foundational beliefs, where the church is at in the present, and where he expected to see the church going for the future.  I thought it was great.  It was needed and it just really meant a lot to me and sparked me to do the same for God-Built.  So this is actually the FIRST in a series I plan to do over the next week or so for you and to let you know more about God-Built, who we are, why we do what we do, some of our history, where we are now, and where we are going.  I am excited about this.  So here we go.

God gave me the vision for God-Built in 1996.  I was already personal training in a local gym and in school at West Georgia.  He actually woke me up one night and shared this vision and the actual word “God-Built” with me.  I had never heard that word before in that way.  My response was literally “God what is a God-Built?”  He began to share with me that this was a fitness company I was going to start and operate that He would use to share the Gospel with people.  During this time my focus and interest had already been heightened to helping people to take control of their health, even though at the time I didnt expect that it would be my career.  Long story short the next day I was so excited, and of course thinking that all that God had shown me was going to start right away.  And while yes the process had already started, it didnt happen anything as I imagined.  Over the days, months and years that would follow, God was building me and preparing me to do what He called me to.  And yes I can see all that now, but at the time all I could see was that “it wasnt happening the way I thought it would.”  I was frustrated of course many times not understanding why such a strong “knowing” that God had put this Vision in my heart was taking so long to come to pass.  And of course I found out later that He was building me and preparing me. 

Of course now looking back on all this, I realize over those 5 years from the time He first planted that Vision in me to that date when we actually Incorporated and opened the doors of God-Built, that He was putting me in a position to do what He called me to do.  Those 5 years brought a lot of joy, trials, and growth for me.  And over those years He continued to reveal more of the vision of God-Built to me.  And to this day, a full 13 years later from the first time He gave me the vision, I can see that we literally havent even begin to really touch the surface of what all He has in store for God-Built the company and what He has and is calling us to do.

The next session I will discuss the “drama” and excitement of taking our first big leap of faith in 2001 when we officially opened GOD-BUILT.  It is a very good and eye opening story.  This is great for me to share and I believe can be used as an encouragement for you in pursuing any dream you may have in your heart that you believe that God has given you.  As always, thank you so much for being part of TEAM GOD-BUILT and for allowing us to be part of your life and helping you to take control of your health and your life!!


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